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Five Years On

Public Relations (PR) is an industry about "people", full of challenges and opportunities.

This profession requires candidates with high caliber. Sometimes we have to conform to the norms. But sometimes we also need to think out of the box. In short, adaptability, flexibility and creativity are the guiding principles while diligence is crucial.

It is totally different from the secular view that PR people are those who appear at glamorous events with elegant tuxedos or beautiful gowns, drinking red wine and full of flattery talks.

PR people do need solid skills. Judgement and insights distinguish the quality of PR professionals, both internally and externally. Indeed people is the key. With empathy, PR practitioners strike a balance between the interest of clients and their stakeholders.

Direction is more important than speed while potential is more valuable than seniority. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who are devoting or have devoted to the team - you are always good teammates whom I genuinely treasure. Lets look forward to the future V success beyond limit!


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