Yuan Tung Financial Relations Ltd





Our journey begins with our mission:

  • To create a world without communication hurdles
  • To define the highest standard of professional communication services
  • To create value and bring success to customers


Our vision serves as a guiding map for our journey that illuminates every destination to be reached:

  • People: Be professional, dedicated and committed to customers whose interests always come first
  • Product: Be diversified and exhaustive to cater for changing customer needs
  • Place: Based in Hong Kong to serve clients in Asia


Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we operate in the society:

  • Elite: we are a boutique consultant specialised in communication size does not matter
  • Elasticity: we are flexible and versatile that can help clients in every facets of the society to generate communication solution - value creation is the most important
  • Empathy: we are part of our society contribution to the community 


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